My first blog post

With graduation pending and all my final projects due this week at school, I’m feeling a mixture of emotions – completely overwhelmed, totally excited and straight up terrified.  I feel ready to test out my design muscles and to see how my gifts of listening and empathy will help me detect the underlying issues that my clients are facing. Simplicity and clarity are my goals in design and I love to create systems that make life easier and more fun so I am looking forward to offering this service to others. I am also learning to not only to embrace fear but to invite it – to dance with it. As Seth Godin writes in one of my favorite books, “What to do When its Your Turn”:

Avoid certainty.

Pick yourself.

Postpone gratification.

Seek joy.

Embrace generosity.

Dance with fear

Be paranoid about mediocrity.

See the world as it is.

Be the boss of you.


I look forward to meeting you, and wish you all the best in your own adventures.


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